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Martial Arts in Chapel Hill. Community-Minded, Family-Oriented, Behavior Based.

The Best Rates in Town!


Beware the area martial arts school that doesn’t tell you what they charge beyond your first month! In many cases you will be in for a surprise. All of OUR rate options are explained right here online.


Train for as little as $99 per month, $89 per month if you pay for the year upfront. If you join as a parent and a child together and opt for the free-parent planthat’s 2 students for only $89 per month! We are a nonprofit and our rates tend to be less than those of other area schools. However, in order to make ends meet we do have to remain strict with our payment policies. We serve many kids per year that are either subsidized, or paid for entirely, by grant money awarded to our nonprofit for that purpose. We also, however, endeavor to remain as self-sufficient as possible which means offering our same high-quality instruction to the general public at competitive rates. 


Less expensive than the competition? 


Yes, you bet we are! And there are no hidden costs. It seems to be somewhat of a norm within our field for martial arts schools to be evasive on your first visit and avoid telling prospective students exactly how much it’s going to cost until after the new student has already attended a few classes. At Ligo Dojo all costs are detailed here. There are none that will come up later. Furthermore, there are a wide range of programs that you can choose from to find a payment plan that best suits your family’s particular situation. 


Membership Agreements?


Yes, we have membership agreements for 3, 6, and 12 months. Students who wish to train with no commitment may also sign up to pay by the month for a slightly higher rate. Remember our rates are often as much as 50% less than our competition, but membership agreements ARE legally binding contracts for membership, not class participation. This means that if you sign up for a 12-month membership, and then decide to go away for a month, you still must keep up with your membership. Being strict with this type of arrangement is the only way we can afford to charge as little as we do. 


Our Rates: 


Pay by the Month with No Commitment at $149/month with $149 quarterly belt tests, OR sign up for one of the membership agreements at right, all of which DO involve commitment.

Membership Agreement Paid Monthly (Most people choose from this column)

Membership Duration

It’s Even Cheaper IF You OPT to Pay for the Full Membership Up-Front (note this is NOT required) 

$99/month with $99 quarterly belt tests 12 months $89/month with $89 quarterly belt tests 
$129/month with $129 quarterly belt tests 6 months $109/month with $109 quarterly belt tests  
$139/month with $139 quarterly belt tests 3 months $129/month with $129 quarterly belt tests

*add to this 3% credit card processing fee for all credit card transactions, and 15% late fee for any payments that we are unable to collect for 72 hours after the due date. 

*valid credit/debit card number is required for all memberships, including pay-up-front options. 


Will Your Rates Ever Increase?


Yes, by 5% per year. Ligo Dojo may adjust rates for NEW students at anytime, but your rates are locked in forever at the rate they were when you started with only that 5% increase per year. But will there be surprise, random rate changes? Never. Other schools may, but we won’t. Additional premium services for kids at Ligo Dojo are optional. Please see the Kids Programming page. Sensei’s Class is available for an upcharge of $30/month, Team Trainings (on teacher work days) are available for an upcharge of $38/month, and, for Summer Camps, please see the Summer Camps page. 


Voluntarily pay more per month? 


Absolutely, you’re invited to! Students and families should remember that we are a nonprofit and that our listed rates are less than other area schools. Of course you should volunteer to pay more when you can! Students who believe they’re paying for a service, in this Western culture, tend to be weaker students than those who realize they’re contributing to a dojo that’s theirs. The rates listed above are not enough to pay for the lessons received, so students should not think that they’re entitled to “get” karate for what they pay. Karate cannot be bought. Yes, your dues allow you to come and go from the dojo, but, in the budo karate system, you can only pay for your instruction with effort, commitment, and positive attitude. Part of that commitment should be to voluntarily increase your rates to support your dojo in situations where you believe that you can. Remember that these rates are less that everyone else. Beware the school that’s evasive when defining their rate structure. 


Free Parent Policy


Yes, one parent can train for free with child enrollment in any membership agreement. However, there’s a catch designed to make sure that parents wishing to participate are serious about that choice. All “free parents” must agree to pay the 1-monthly rate for any month during the agreement period that he/she participates in less than 8 classes per month ( which is an average of 2 per week). Note, therefore, that it is only free for the parent IF he/she meets this minimum attendance requirement. Please expect that some months during your membership it may not be possible for you to make this minimum requirement due to work, family life, vacation, illness, injury, etc. There are not excused absences in the free-parent minimum training requirement, and interested parties should expect that some of their months will not be free. For more information see the Free Parent Policy page. 


Price Break for Multiple Kids from the Same Family? 


Basically no. Our rates are already half what the other schools charge so it’s already two for the price of one. We are willing to listen to your proposal.


Due Dates


Payments are due on the same date every month that the membership agreement began. If you sign up on the 5th, therefore, your 2nd payment is due on the 5th of the following month, and every month after that. After a 72-hour grace period, all payments will be subject to a 15% late processing fee. Members whose credit cards decline will be charged this 15% if we are still unable to charge their cards within 72 hours after the due date. Parents on the free parent policy should count their attendance from their start-date until the same date each month. All memberships are  consecutive, meaning that if your start-date is the 5th, it always will be so. This comes into play when students, for example, are on a membership that ends on the 5th, but they’re away until the 12th when they sign up again for another membership period. We consider breaks like this to be “gaming the system”, and we do not offer the student a 7 day break from their membership; the new membership period begins on the 5th when the prior one left off.


Cancel a Membership? Memberships DO Auto-renew


No, all memberships are non-transferable and can only be canceled by paying 1/2 the remaining contract balance. However, Ligo Dojo will provide, upon request, 501.c.3 donation letters for any unused portion of membership for use as tax write-off. Remember that your dues help support an organization that supports kids who cannot afford to pay like you. We consider all of our students to be ongoing long-term students (even if it doesn’t always work out that way). Accordingly, all memberships automatically renew all for all members who are active (2 or more classes) in the final month of their agreement. Cancellation must be requested in writing 30 days prior to renewal if you do NOT want your membership to renew. Cancellation form available upon request (please retain copy).


Other Details:


One FREE uniform with all Membership Agreements at time of 1st Membership Agreement (limit one per student). Parents on free-parent plan must buy their own uniforms. Current cost is $20. 

All Students are asked to Attend All Promotion Tests. “Pay as You Go” students do not pay test fee if they do not attend. Test Fee charged regardless of attendance for all Membership students.

Recommended Equipment NOT included: Shin Pads, Sparring Gloves (current cost $30), head gear for kids (current cost $95). Replacement Uniforms (current cost $20).