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Martial Arts in Chapel Hill. Community-Minded, Family-Oriented, Behavior Based.

Watch a Class / Try a Class?




At Ligo Dojo we invite potential students and parents to come watch a class to learn more about us. We also, however, humbly ask that you do all that you can to assess our classes WITHOUT asking to participate in a “free trial class”. Your first class — or your child’s! — should not be about making a sale.

In general, free trail classes are a tool that the for-profit karate industry uses to get families in the door, and what’s offered in them is often fairly hokey. We hope that our reputation, and the class that you observe will convince you. Remember that the focus of most for-profit schools is play, whereas the focus of training at Ligo Dojo is education. Sure kids leave with enormous smiles, but that’s because of the fun that they had, as well as because of the accomplishment that they feel by working hard and learning. 

Adding any new child student to a class that’s about learning is necessarily a “lovely disruption” to the class flow. We love to have new students, of course! — but it takes work, both on the side of the student, and on the side of the instructor, to acclimate and introduce the routines. We take new students very seriously and would ask you to do the same. Taking on your child is not FREE for us; it’s not light or easy; it’s a serious matter. Training for black belt takes 2 to 3 years, and we see each and every new student who enters our classes as a strong ongoing member of our dojo community, not as a pay check. This means starting them off right, and that means not making their first class about making a sale. 

If you’ve watched a class, and still insist upon a trial, please let us know, and we can make that happen. Our uniforms are free with membership, but are otherwise $20. Since you can not participate in a trail class without a uniform, please consider our nonprofit work for the community, and consider making a $20 donation should you decide NOT to sign up.