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Martial Arts in Chapel Hill. Community-Minded, Family-Oriented, Behavior Based.

Triangle Bushido Club

For an additional Martial Arts in Chapel Hill training opportunity focused on Karate-do, Kobudo, and Ikken in a private- and semi-private format, please see our Triangle Bushido Club website.  Read below!


Offering Club, Semi-Private, and Private Instruction in KOBUDO (defensive weapons-based traditional Japanese martial arts), KARATE-DO (empty-handed martial arts training with an Emphasis on Kata and its application for self-defense), and IKKEN (internal energy training developing an awareness of how internal “ki”, or “chi”, energy might be weaponized). 

Adults and teens focus on HEALTH (spiritual, physical, and mental), pursue STRENGTH (also spiritual, physical and mental), and develop a competency in, and appreciation for, real SELF-DEFENSE. Students practice the Martial ART FOR THE ART’S SAKE with the intent of benefiting from the type of enjoyment and fulfillment that only the serious pursuit of an art can offer.

The Triangle Bushido Club is a club that has long existed, un-advertised, within Ligo Dojo of Budo Karate (Martial Arts in Chapel Hill). offering supplemental material that has, up until now, been open only to Ligo Dojo’s advanced students. Supplementing your training with private and semi-private lessons with Sensei Ligo, you can now begin your martial arts training through this alternate channel, and your experience will be founded in a multi-disciplinary approach designed to broaden your foundation in, and appreciation for, authentic Budo (traditional Japanese martial arts).