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Martial Arts in Chapel Hill. Community-Minded, Family-Oriented, Behavior Based.

Karate Summer Camps in Chapel Hill

 Please reserve your slots in our 1-week karate camps!

 We have come to understand that parents line up summer and spring break activities for their kids very early, so we wanted to get this on your radar! Below are some proposed dates, but Sensei Ligo hosts these camps personally and does have a flexible schedule during the summer. We will host a camp when you want it, but there has to be at least 6 kids enrolled. All participants should be students at Ligo Dojo OR kids who intend to enroll afterwards. Part of why the camps were so successful was because of the intensive learning of karate. (The kids this summer were so excited about learning it was hard to interrupt their training to take them out for ice cream!) Accordingly, the camps don’t really work as child care only. 


 This summer we had 6 kids in our first-week-of-summer summer camp, and 10 kids in our last-week-of-summer summer camp, and the all kids made enormous progress during these intensive 2 times per day study of karate, and had lots of fun! Camps are 6 hours, from 9 to 3 each day, for five days. Kids bring bag lunches, and most days we take them on field trips, which this summer included Maple View Farm, one short hiking excursion, and once even to the Greensboro Science Center, Aquarium, and Zoo.


 Proposed dates: Please note that we’re proposing one for SPRING BREAK!

  •  Spring Break  march 27-31 NEW!
  •  First Week June 12-17 We had 6 kids this year! Our first camp!
  • First Week of July 3-7 NEW!
  • First Week of August July 31-August 4 NEW!
  • Last Week of Summer. Dates TBA. We had 10 kids this year!!


Cost is $275. Reserve you slots by Christmas and camp will be $250. Many of our kids this 2nd camp were repeat customers from the first one! Likewise, sign up for 2 or more camps, and cost will be $250.

 Call Sensei Ligo to discuss: 919-923-6915. Or email with “Summer Camp” in the subject line.