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Kids Programming at Ligo Dojo




Please Call Sensei Ligo at 919-923-6915 Anytime With Questions!


Our Kids Program at Ligo Dojo  for kids 12 and under has evolved into one that has multiple levels of participation, and we recommend that kids who begin in our general classes take advantage of additional services once families feel the time is right. Our Kids’ program consists of: 

  1. General Classes
  2. Sensei’s Class
  3. Team Trainings on Teacher’s Work Days
  4. Week-long summer day camps (and Spring Break!)


General Classes (Tuesday thru Friday) is where all kids start, although already more than half of our kids have joined Sensei’s Class. Sensei’s Class is optional, open to kids who are at least 9 (or colored belts for younger kids by invitation), on Mondays, and taught by Sensei Ligo personally (Sensei also directs curriculum in general classes of course). Sensei’s Class kids are not stronger or better, but it IS a higher level class because of the age and experience level of the kids. Kids who are 9 need not wait to join Sensei’s Class; they can join from day one. Some of our families struggle with a misconception that their kids have to be “better” to join the higher level class. This is not quite correct, however. Kids who actually struggle with focus and self-control actually have a greater advantage in Sensei’s class because the class average in terms of focus and self-control is already higher. Sensei’s class costs $30/month, and is recommended for all students once families feel the time is right. 

Team Training is our newest program, and consists of approximately one 6.5-hour day per month during the school year (targeting CHCCS teacher work days and holidays) from 9 a.m to 3:30 p.m. Please click here to see our description of Summer Camp days at Ligo Dojo. Summer Camps are full weeks (also during Spring Break!) which are also 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., but for 5 consecutive days. Kids’ progress during Summer Camps is so extreme, we have looked for a way to continue this type of concentrated training during the school year, and Team Training is the result. The Team Training program consists of 9 full-days (approximately once monthly) during the school year, and costs $38/month.