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Japan Trip 2017

New Info 3/2/17:

Sempai Annie IS joining us, so we’re 8, with a 9th (Craig) pending. Right now I see flights for $947 (including tax), saving us $140 by stopping twice in Canada which is how I usually go. ($140 saviings is like 3 nights in hotel so definitely worth the hassle.) Once I identify an itinerary, I will provide a link (or instructions for you to pull up the same flight) , and you should all buy your own tickets pretty much right away to ensure we’re all on board (pun acknowledged).

I have one volunteer donating $500 to help support this trip (!!!!),  but we are in need of another one, or several, totaling about the same amount. Please 1. consider whether you could donate some amount in addition to your own $947 towards group ticket purchase ($50 or $100?) and let me know via individual text. Also 2. please confirm one more time via individual text that you’ll be ready to make this purchase TOMORROW  (Friday) or not, and, if not, when. Once I’m ready to go,  I will provide some advance warning that might sound something like, “we’ll buy tickets this afternoon, please be ready as close to 3 PM as possible.” 




This is not a public page; it’s just one I set up so I could text you (interested parties) a link and you could get some info about going to japan. Ideally we would travel on the following schedule: 

27 april – thursday,  fly out of RDU early morning (usually)

28 april – friday, arrive Tokyo around dinner time and check into hotel (one day is lost in travel due to date change GOING TO Japan)

29 – 30 april saturday and sunday, – Tournament 

1-2 May monday and tuesday, international instructors seminar

3 May wednesday – sightseeing day

4 May thrusday – leave Japan AND arrive in RDU usually around dinnertime. 

Cost: You can expect approximately $1100.00 for plane ticket, and $60/night for hotel. 6 nights is $360. Seminar fee might be $100, tournament entry fee might be $100. For Kata Tournament participants, 3 nights in hotel is paid for. The rest is meals and public transportation. Your credit and debit cards work in Japan. You will need passports. We should get dogis now if you’re wearing the cheap made-in-China ones.  The real ones, embroidered, I ought to be able to get for $50 and would like to place an order soon. 

I would like us to travel together, and usually I look on travelocity and for the cheapest fairs. Just did, in fact, and see even Delta (usually not the cheapest) is $1070. I would like the majority of us to confirm that we’re going and coordinate buying tickets so that we can all get on the same flight. If anyone (or any small group of students) is able to buy MY ticket that would be a great help (and you could donate OR I would reimburse before we travel). 

Currently our list is 

Nathan, Amy, Chloe, Will, Alejandro, Anna. With significant interest expressed by Craig and Jennifier (who could potentially have her son Silas). Would that be the whole Budo Club? You guys should encourage Rich. 

8 days is a BIG trip. I know it. It’s not the usual case that we have BOTH a tournament and a seminar on the same trip. Discuss with me about options if you can’t be gone that long, but ideal is we stick together, and it will be hard for you to miss anything but the sightseeing day (not optimal) unless you’re not participating in the tournament. I will text everyone if I update this page.