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Martial Arts in Chapel Hill. Community-Minded, Family-Oriented, Behavior Based.

Our Free Parent Policy.


The dojo benefits. Families benefit. Kids have an opportunity to learn something WITH mom or dad. One parent per enrolled child can train FOR FREE at Ligo Dojo, provided that parent attends a minimum of 8 classes per month. That’s only 2 per week, but families should take note! Parents benefiting from the Free Parent Plan DO pay the 1-month rate for any month they fail to attend the class minimum, and there are no excused absences for this policy. Sign up for 6 months “free” classes, therefore, and it’s likely that you will pay for one or more of those months because interruptions do arise for work, vacation, illness, etc. If you’re disciplined, however, and dedicated, this can be a VERY affordable way for your family to join.


Caleb’s mom (that’s Caleb on the left) is actually an instructor at Ligo Dojo. Caleb is much older now and has his green belt. We hope to see him back in the dojo once his brief sojourn with baseball is over.

This is a unique element of training at Ligo Dojo. We have literally had scores of parents (families and kids) to benefit over the years. As an adult, perhaps you have no choice but to find an activity for your child, but that makes it difficult for you to afford your own workout? Yes, but here’s your chance! Some of our stronger adult students are free parents in this category, also because $109 is a good incentive to keep them training regularly. You might even consider taking this on purely BECAUSE it will keep your practices regular and get you into shape. Don’t take this decision lightly, but if you take it with eyes wide open it can be the best decision you make this year. 

Let’s look at one particular example.

You can see all of our rate plan options on this site (see the “rates” tab above in the drop-down menu), but let’s say that a family signs up their 7-year-old for one year of classes at $69/month. Every third month, there’s a quarterly belt test which is also $69, so this child’s rates are actually $69, $69 and $138 repeating, every three months. But Mom (or Dad) thinks about it when signing up, and thinks, “wow, cool, I could do this too! I’ve always wanted to learn Karate, and it gives me something I can do WITH my daughter!” So the parent opts for the free-parent option, agreeing to pay $109/month (our monthly non-agreement rate) any time he/she doesn’t train at least 8 times per month (average of 2 classes per week). Because it’s only natural, 1, 2, or even 3 months out of those 12, the parent is unable to make it in 8 times per month, so those months the parent does pay for his/her classes, but the family still pays much less than they would have have if the parent was on his/her own membership, AND the parent realizes, “wow, this $109 charge brought me in to training a couple times this year that I might otherwise have flaked out, and look at my progress! I’ve learned so much more than those  other adults, and I’m so happy to be able to share this experience with my child!” 

Note: We have adult classes (including teens), child classes, and mixed ages classes. Parents on the free-parent plan are NOT required to be in the same classes as their kids. In the above example the parent can train with the child some nights, and separately some others. 


Adults, some of them parents, training at Ligo Dojo in Durham.