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Martial Arts in Chapel Hill. Community-Minded, Family-Oriented, Behavior Based.

Connecticut Trip Detail


It turns out that Alan and Anne can leave with us, all together, Thursday morning, so Aki and Steve, please see if you can accommodate and leave with us, all 3 cars together (we had planned to have one car leave after noon). 

Please be at the dojo at 7:30 Am for an 8 AM departure, Thursday morning, Aug. 7th. We will drive 12 hours that day in 3 cars, and spend 3 nights at this hotel (click here). The seminar will be 8 hours friday and saturday, and up to a half day on sunday, and it will be held at the hotel conference center. On Sunday midday we will drive to Washington DC and spend the night at Amy’s sister’s house in Silver Springs. Monday morning we will do some sight seeing  briefly in DC, and will return home to the dojo around dinner time. 

There are 14 of us, although we’re picking up Annie in Manhattan, so only 13 are leaving from Chapel Hill. We will have 4 rooms that sleep 4. Rooms have 2 double beds so sleeping bags are recommended for any that don’t feel like they can share a bed.  

Room 1: Amy, Annie, Sensei  

Room 2: Clare, Chloe, Anne, Janaki

Room 3 and 4: Steve, Mervin, Jeff, Dane, Will, Alan, Aki

We were unable to find volunteers (other than Steve) to let us take their vehicles, so we’ve rented two 5-passengers cars (2014 Chevy Impallas) so we will be 4 in one car, 4 in the second car, and 5 in the 3rd. (Dane, Clare, Alan, Anne, Chloe, I’m sorry to put 3 of you together in a back seat sometimes, although Impalla’s have spacious back seats.)

Hotel cost is $120/person, Car rental cost is $30/person (Steve exempt), And gas and tolls is $50/person (Steve exempt). Total $200/person due by cash (if possible) upon departure. Our nonprofit coffers are virtually empty usually, and cash allows us to spend money on the trip without waiting for checks to process and credit card payments to arrive). (This cost is approximate and we divide these expenses equally. I don’t think we will exceed this amount since the only variable is gas/tolls, but if we do it would likely be by something small like $10-$20 per person and we could accept that later.) 

All members are responsible for their own food expense. We are forced to do a lot of restaurant dining, but everyone tries to save money so we eat as cheaply as possible. Usually when we travel with kids, we manage their money, but we have no small kids on this trip. Parents if you want us to monitor kids’ expenses we can, but we think this group should be fine. We are 9 adults and 5 teens. 

I have yet to collect Seminar fee of $130 from Chloe and Amy. 

We all have cell phones, mine is 919-923-6915. We’ve done this type of trip scores of times and have never lost anyone. Parents of kids traveling us will sign a permission form upon departure so parents, please make sure you don’t drop off your kids thursday morning without waiting long enough to sign the form.

Required equipment. karate uniform and belt (we will want to see yours Thursday morning before we leave. Shin pads and gloves. ) Oh, the hotel has a beautiful indoor pool . . . if you want to use it you should bring bathing suit.