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Budo Karate West Blog Posts

Technical Committee Lesson 7 Starting With Pinan Bunkai

US Technical Committee Lesson 7 introduces Pinan Bunkai and basic boken Training. Any adult Ligo Dojo student who can make the commitment can join Tech Committee classes. Read More on Budo Karate West

Technical Committee Lesson 6 Taikyoku Kata with Sai and Tonfa

US Technical Committee Lesson 6 introduces Taikyoku Kata with Sai and Tonfa. Any adult Ligo Dojo student who can make the commitment can join Tech Committee classes. Read More on Budo Karate West

Part Two, Kyokushin-Kan and the Worldwide Unification of Kata

Lets look at a couple Youtube Videos of Mas Oyama. As you watch consider this point: Should we not endeavor to experience some of what our founder knew when he began his practice of karate? Kyokushin Karate was a synthesis of many different styles. Is not Read More on Budo Karate West

Please Send Competitors to Kyokushin-Kan's Upcoming 2013 World Kata Tournament.

World Branches, please take note: Honbu will be hosting a 2013 World Kata Tournament this June 23, in Tokyo on the same day as our Weight Category Tournament (Shinken Shobu Rules). We hope to have a larger turnout with competitors from as many countries as possible. Please check you e-mail inbox for the tournament announcement, or check with your Branch Chief if you are interested in participating. Read More on Budo Karate West

Kyokushin-Kan and the Worldwide Unification of Kata, Part One: The 2013 World Kata Tournament.

On Sunday afternoon, this past June 23rd, Kyokushin-kan hosted it's annual weight category Shinken-Shobu Tournament. This new set of Kyokushin tournament rules in which punches to the head, hand-reversals, and throws are legal, has drawn a lot of attention because it is the first time in most of our lives that we have ever seen Kyokushin fighters fighting with head punches. Read More on Budo Karate West

Help Support Two Ligo Dojo Students Competing this June in Japan?

Two Ligo Dojo Instructors, Amy Kaufman and Don Harris, will be representing the United States in Kyokushin-Kan's World Kata Championships this June 23, in Tokyo. Can you help support the cost of their trip? Even small amounts count. Click here to read about their trip and their needs. Read More on Budo Karate West

Budo Karate : The Sundomei, The Full-Contact, and Kyokushin-Kan. Part 1.

Some history of Kyokushin karate here, in an article by Nathan Ligo. How Kyokushin karate relates to the traditional karate of Japan. How Kyokushin was the one that broke the mold. Read More on Budo Karate West

June 2013 Belt Test at Ligo Dojo

Lots of photos and video clips here of a recent Ligo Dojo belt test, June 23, 2013. You can see here both kids and adults, men and women, engaging in the high-energy activity that is our quarterly belt tests. Viewing is a must, for students who are considering joining. Read More on Budo Karate West

Ikken Part 3. Kancho Royama's International Instructor's Seminars.

In Part 3 of Nathan Ligo's article on Ikken, he gives the reader a step-by-step how to practice "Hai", one of Ikken's most useful exercises for the beginner. Sensei Ligo completes his discussion of why Kancho Royama considers Ikken a vital part of Kyokushin-kan's international instructor seminar content. Read More on Budo Karate West

Kancho Royama's Central Message Re. International Instructor's Seminars in Japan

Kyokushin-Kan is NOT just another IKO. Kyokushin-Kan is a unique karate organization on a unique path, described by Kancho Royama and other instructors at Kyokushin-Kan's international instructors seminars in Japan. Any adult Ligo Dojo student is invited to attend. There is only the issue of cost. Read here, and the author will discuss that cost, as well as what might be gained by attending. Read More on Budo Karate West

A New Ligo Dojo Technical Committee Training

This Budo Karate West blog post describes a new training opportunity for adults at Ligo Dojo, as well as come critical advice for all Ligo Dojo Students: "Make karate something you'll cancel other things for, not something that you cancel every time something else comes up, you'll still spend virtually the same number of hours, but the quality of your training will vastly improve!" Read More on Budo Karate West

About Bunkai : The Merging of Kata and Kumite

A discussion of Bunkai on Budo Karate West in a category in which the author discusses the content of Kancho Royama's international instructors seminars in Japan. Of interest to every Ligo Dojo student, since Bunkai represents the missing link between kata and kumite, all of which we practice daily at Ligo Dojo. Read More on Budo Karate West

Fight to be First. An Excerpt from A Kyokushin Beginner's Guide

Here on Nathan Ligo's Budo Karate West blog, Ligo Dojo students can find an excerpt from Nathan Ligo's forthcoming book, A Kyokushin Beginner's Guide: Replicating Mas Oyama's Budo Karate in the Western Dojo. A recommended read for all Ligo Dojo students! Read More on Budo Karate West

Bunkai: Kyokushin's Missing Link by Nathan Ligo

Here is part one of Nathan Ligo's essay on Bunkai, Ligo Dojo students gain additional information that is "need to know" in terms of their nightly training at Ligo Dojo. Instructor Nathan Ligo has attended more of Kancho Hatsuo Royama's seminars than any other American. Being also Kancho's interpreter in many cases, Nathan is poised to convey the heart of Kancho's content . . . Read More on Budo Karate West

A Black Belt Magazine Article about Mas Oyama on Budo Karate West

On the Budo Karate West Blog read about Kyokushin's founder, Mas Oyama, in an article written for Black Belt Magazine in 1994. At the time of his death, Mas Oyama had 12 million students in 130 countries around the globe. Mas Oyama was the man that broke the mold, and created full-contact karate from what, up until his time, had been little more than a stylized dance. Read More on Budo Karate West